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Did you know, the single best training tool in lacrosse is a big, solid wall?

South Forsyth War Eagle Youth Lacrosse is excited to introduce the Wall Eagle program! A Wall Eagle is a youth player that has demonstrated commitment to practice, and that has passed the Wall Eagle skills test for their age group.


Throwing and catching with precision, what's called “stick skills,” is important for lacrosse players of all ages. No matter how proficient a player is, there is always room for improvement. We encourage the constant development of stick skills as a foundation of lacrosse.


To celebrate the culture of stick skills, we have created the Wall Eagle program. Kids are encouraged to make time “hitting the wall” a core part of their training. As simple as it may sound, throwing and catching against a wall or bounceback is the single best way to get better.


Practice makes perfect. On the ‘Drills and Practice’ tab, you will find practice drills. Technique matters. If you’re unsure of things like the right way to stand or the right angle to hold the stick, ask a coach.


When a player is ready, they can take the test. Youth players that pass the test for their age group will get the coveted Wall Eagle t-shirt, their name on this website, and announced at midfield at halftime of a South Forsyth High School varsity game.


Players should NOT practice the test over and over. The test is meant as a capstone to a practice regimen. On the “Drills and Practice” tab are age-level specific practice drills. When players can complete these in 20 – 25 minutes, then they should be ready to take the test.


Practice the practice drills, not the test!