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Wall Eagle Hall of Fame


We are proud of the youth players that put in the work and passed the Wall Eagle test! Below are the names of the players that have put in the work, passed the test, and earrned their Wall Eagle t-shirt. 


Fall 2019 / Spring 2020

Aaron Riner (U13+)
Blake Gorsuch (U13+ D-Pole)
Adam Ray (U13+ D-Pole)
Sam Nitowski (U13+)
Darrell Schumann (U13+ D-Pole)
Parker Keeler (U13+ D-Pole)
Luke Morrisson (U13+; Luke is the first D-Pole to ever pass the Wall Eagle test)
Jack Hudson (U13+)
Kevin Connolly (U13+)
Reece Mutter (U13+)
Nate Righter (U13+) 
John Hicks (U13+)
Everett Barlag (U13+)

Fall 2018 / Spring 2019

Everett Barlag (U13+)
John Hicks (U13+)