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Team Managers
Job Duties: 

The job duties of a team manager may vary based on what a particular coach requires for their team. Ultimately, you are the communication hub for your team. You are the one players should notify about attendance conflicts for games and practices. Coaches will ask you to send out email reminders and bulletins for team notification. Responsibilities may vary depending on the needs of a particular coach.  Take a moment to discuss with your coach what his expectations are for you as team manager.  You may delegate some of these responsibilities to other parent volunteers on your team.   



  • Function as main contact between SFWELAX and your team regarding practices and games.

  • Help coordinate the distribution of uniforms.

  • Organize team to be present for photo day and time.

  • Confirm locations of games and share with parents.

  • Assist coach in organizing time keeper and score keeper for all home games.  Some coaches also like to keep stats on players

  • Report scores to our web site in a timely manner (Some coaches will do this themselves, some will require you to do this).

  • Collect necessary forms and payments as required throughout the season as required by SFWEYLAX.

  • Provide support to coaches in all areas necessary for a successful season.